Laksha Deepotsava

Hundreds of devotees took part in the Laksha Deepotsava held at Srirangapatna on 15th Jan 2019.

Laksha Deepotsava (Makara Sankranthi Brahmotsava)

In the temple of Shri Ranganatha Swamy every year in the pushya month Makara Sankranthi Brahmotsava will be celebrated. On the sixth auspicious (Thirunal) day of Brahmotsava on account of Uttarayana (Auspicious Day) the Vaikunta door of the temple will be kept open for the devotees. On this auspicious day in the morning the deity of Shri Ranganatha Swamy will be fully decorated with butter. In the night the God will be dressed with Vaikuntamudi crown. Then the utsava of Shriranganatha S Swamy along with goddesses Shridevi and Bhoodevi will commence. First the uthsava will circumambulate around Shriranganatha Sannidhi (Katthalu mantapa) then inner prakara of the temple.

The festival will be celebrated with pomp and gaiety. More than 50000 devotees witness the Vaikunta Mudi festival (wearing of vaikunta crown). After this devotees will get the darshan of Shri Ranganatha fully decorated with butter and proceed to get the darshan and blessings of goddess Shri Ranganayaki. Thereafter they will proceed through Vaikunta dwara (Vaikunta door) to get the darshan of Shri Prasanna Venkata Ramana Swamy which is located outer prakara of Shri Ranganata Swamy Temple. On this Makara Sankranthi Day in the night with the help of the general public / civilians. Laksha Deepotsava will be celebrated in front of the temple with pomp and gaiety. This Laksha Deepotsava is very attractive and beautiful. On this occasion Rajagopura (huge tower) of the temple as well as the entire road of Shrirangapattana will be decorated with different types of electrical lighting. It is a practice to light 1 lakh lamps/lights on this festive occasion and the expenses incurred in this connection will be borne by the large number of devotees. This is a beautiful, attractive and unforgettable scene to witness. After three days of Laksha Deepotsava small chariot Rathothsava (Chickka Rathothsava) of Shri Ranganatha Swamy will be held.